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Hi I'm Keith Whitmill, I am situated near Lousa, Coimbra in Central Portugal, in the geographical region known as Beiras.

In England I was fortunate in having Portuguese friends who helped me with my search, fired my imagination with tales of the history and culture of Portugal, and introduced to numerous friends and business contacts along the way.


My personal experiences and background in structural engineering, business management, property surveyor and communication though the world of IT / Network , coupled with the determination to provide a quality and honest service helping people through the buying process and helping them understand what is involved when seeking old or new, large or small property in Central Portugal.

What I do not know, I will research and investigate in order to assist our clients, research undertaken so far includes, future changes to the local infrastructure, , local history, schooling in the area, outline of funding for tourism, new business ventures/starting up, to name but some of the services, etc.

All properties for sale on my site are being advertised by the owns, photographed by the owner; l have negotiated, with the owners, or their representative before listing the individual properties on our website, this ensures that l can answer questions raised by potential buyers of any of the properties as well as safe-guarding property owners from people who are not legitimately looking for a property.

In addition, because I was in a position when moving here of knowing little of the area, and who could help me, I have built up a network of Qualified and professional Solicitors, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Interior Designers, Accountants and Suppliers, some of which speak English, and who are there to help you.

I work with my own translator, whose name is (Maria) Osinha Mexia De Lemos, her ancestral family name is highly respected in this area, she is an invaluable asset to my business. Although I speak some Portuguese I do not pretend to know it all, this is where Maria, with her business knowledge and contacts within the local community/authority can help with the right information as and when required.

I welcome your connection, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about coming to Portugal, buying or selling a property, looking after your property, or any of the many questions you may have, I will oblige where I can.  You can see an example of the services we offer in Assist U.

All activity on Right Move to Portugal is legally registered in Portugal with the authorities.

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