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Portugal is a country that is often overlooked by people who are looking for a destination in Europe and when you've lived there it is difficult to understand why. 

Portugal is the western most country in mainland Europe and one of the most Southerly bordered in the West by the Atlantic ocean (which brings cool breezes and creates magnificent beaches), the Mediterranean to the South (creating a beautiful coastline with warm waters and sandy beaches) and Spain to the North and East.

Portugal benefits from hot summers varying in intensity from region to region with the mountainous North always being cooler than the dry and flat Alentejo to the South.  The coastal regions always benefit from the cooler winds from the oceans and is the place to be in the summer.  The country also benefits from a warmer winter than most of Northern Europe with rain and some snow in the higher Northern Mountains.  It is not unusual to be sitting outside in December in a summer shirt during the day.  In fact the weather and sunshine days are the primary reason why people choose Portugal as a destination for not only holidays but also to live.

The country, albeit smaller than most in Europe is one of great diversity and beauty, with Mountains in the Northern regions and to the East, blending into the splendid rivers with inland river beaches, to the flat, dry plains of the Alentejo where wine, olives and cork trees abound and down to the Algarve in the South and the warm waters of the Mediterranean.  We haven't forgotten the almost 900kms of beaches in Portugal, most of them on the West coast and most of them accessible, pristine, mostly empty outside the holiday summer season and mostly with fine white sands. 

And when you have tired of the natural beauty of the country, there are the magnificent historical buildings that are true jewels demonstrating Portugal's rich history from Roman times, through to the Arabic invasion, the Knights Templar castles and their own magnificent architecture which is evident in Jeronimos Monastery outside Lisbon, Batalha a few hours North of Lisbon and Convento do Christo in Tomar in the centre, to mention only a few of Portugal's treasures.

So apart from the natural beauty, the historical splendor and the sunshine, why else would you want to come to Portugal.  The people are some of the most helpful and kind people you will find, especially in rural areas where they are generous beyond experience.  The food, while Portuguese cuisine is generally simple it is always fresh and tasty, with some strange foods that you will either love or stay away from.  Finally value for money, Portugal is a much more affordable country than most of Europe, this makes it an interesting destination for anyone who is retiring as you will get more for your money here.

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